I am a person who has to keep her hands busy--with beads, wire, glass, marbles, pebbles. I don't really consider myself an artist but a dabbler. Most of the skills I learn I end up teaching. I've taught lots of pebble art, stained glass, stone and glass drilling, bead people and drawing mandalas. I love watching people create something beautiful. I've not gotten into online sales but make just enough for the markets I've signed up for. I have done a lot of special order though. 

Below is a sampling of the pebble art and glass work I've done. 

Pebble Art

I've been playing with rocks, glass and driftwood for the past 8 years. Here is a little sampling of my pictures. As I grew into it, I started doing more and more linework and a bit of watercolor. 

Stained Glass and Glass Mosaic

 A few years ago I started playing with stained glass and glass mosaic. It offered a whole new set of challenges and the glass is just so pretty. I don't do a lot of panel work but love the little birdies and suncatchers. My favorite is blending scraps with copper and brass.